Scientific Committee
Richard Blundell (President - London)
Torsten Persson (Stockholm)
Jean Tirole (Toulouse)

Patricio Dalton (Tilburg)

Executive Committee
Luca Gambetti and Francesc Obiols* (Barcelona)
Bram De Rock and Philip Verwimp* (Brussels)
Ian Preston* (London)
Belén Jerez*, Luisa Fuster and Mercè Vicente (Madrid)
Ulrich Wagner* (Mannheim)
Andreea Enache* (SSE Stockholm)
David Seim* (Stockholm)
Patricio Dalton* (Tilburg)
Philippe Bontems*, Wilfried Sand-Zantman, Caroline Tejedor (Toulouse)
(Starred names are those of ENTER faculty coordinators in each institution)

Student Coordinators
Manuel Montesinos and Valerio Pieroni (Barcelona)
Federico Gallina (Brussels)
Alessandro Toppeta and Richard Morgane (London)
Isabel Mico (Madrid)
Alexander Matusche and Jan Sun (Mannheim)
Christine Alamaa and Charlotta Lucke (Stockholm Uni)
Giovanni Cocilovo and Chloé Nibourel (Stockholm SSE)
Laura Capera Romero (Tilburg)
Peter Neis and José Alfonso Muñoz Alvarado (Toulouse)


The regular tasks of the Executive Committee are:
• coordination of the flow of exchange students,
• matching students and institutions in case rationing is necessary,
• organization of the Annual Jamboree.

The regular tasks of the Student Coordinators are:
• organization of seminar exchanges,
• representing students.