General description
Since its creation two decades ago, the Department of Economics at Universidad Carlos III has been dedicated to academic quality. In a study sponsored by the European Economic Association, and published by the Journal of the European Economic Association (vol. 1, 1346-1366, 2003) the Department of Economics ranks 2nd in Spain, 9th in the European Union and 52nd worlwide. This has been confirmed in a more recent ranking by the University of Tilburg where it was ranked 49th worldwide. The faculty is very international (17 nationalities in 2011-2012), hold PhDs from top Departments in the U.S. and Europe, and are hired and promoted following international standards of excellence.

The Graduate Program in Economics has grown to be one of the top programs in Europe. In a recent study by Amir and Knauff (2005), the program was ranked 32 world-wide, based on the placement of PhD students. The Graduate Program consists of a two-year Master in Economic Analysis, followed by a three year PhD in Economics. The Master in Economic Analysis is aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills to do high quality economic research. After following a core curriculum in the first year, students choose a number of specialized field courses during the second year. The courses bring students to the research frontier and provide them with quantitative and analytical tools to analyze relevant economic problems.

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Department of Economics
Universidad Carlos III
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