Universidad Carlos III de Madrid 

May 7 - May 18
Nonparametric Sequential Prediction of Stationary Time Series with Application to Portfolio Selection
Lecturer: László Györfi
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May 21 - May 25
Health Economics
Lecturer: Roger Feldman
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May 29 - May 31
Firms' Strategies, Market Structure and Bargaining in Two-tier Industries
Lecturer: Emmanuel Petrakis
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June 4 - June 12
Empirical Processes with Applications to Econometrics
Lecturers: Juan Carlos Escanciano
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July 13 - June 19
Economics of Health Care in the Public and Private Sectors
Lecturer: Ching-To Albert Ma
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July 26 - June 29
Innovation, Patents and Firm Competitiveness
Lecturer: Álvaro Escribano and Andrea Fosfuri
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